Zynga Files Trademark Violation Lawsuit against ‘Bang with Friends’ Sex App

Zynga Files Trademark Violation LawsuitZynga has filed a complaint against the developers of ‘Bang with Friends,’ a casual sex app online. The social media games developer claims that the third-party app infringed its trademark when it named its service.

In its complaint that was filed in a San Francisco federal district court, the company reiterated that the app enjoys illegal free riding on popular and significant intellectual property. It claimed that ‘Bang with Friends’ could easily be associated with its more popular apps, including ‘Words of Friends.

Moreover, Zynga thinks the app’s name infringed the company’s ‘With Friends’ franchise. Zynga has reiterated that ‘With Friends’ is easily associated with several of its game titles like ‘Words with Friends,’ ‘Hanging with Friends,’ ‘Chess with Friends,’ ‘Crumble with Friends,’ and many more.

Demands from Zynga

The company aims to force developers to rename and rebrand ‘Bang with Friends.’ At the same time, it wants the game manufacturer to pay unspecified amount to the complainant for the damages incurred by the alleged infringement.

Zynga appears more comfortable when making actions involving the courts. In the past several years, the company has faced several court cases, which were filed by a number of companies that claim they were the real developers of the designs of some its online games.

In a statement, the company said it aims to stop the blatant infringement of the registered trademark of Zynga’s games. It was once quoted as saying that its action is aimed at protecting and educating customers about intellectual property rights.

‘Bang with Friends’

The controversial ‘Bang with Friends’ is an app for iOS and Android devices. As the name suggests, it wants to connect some people in the intimate way. The service is like a simple social network for people who are seeking one-night-stand or casual sex encounters.

The app was first introduced online in January this year. It was an app that is connected with Facebook and other social networks. Not surprisingly, in just five months, or in May, its network had generated more than 1 million adventurous and seeking members. That is impressive enough for an app, which its developers said was developed and rolled out in just one drunken night.

The case filed by Zynga is not the only obstacle in the road that ‘Bang with Friends’ is taking. Just last May, Apple Inc removed the app from its own App Store due to its logical and morality issues. However, it is continuously available in Google Play and Android devices.

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