ZTE9 releases Funbox, the Fastest Home Entertainment Console in the market

ZTE, one of the world’s leading smartphone and tablet maker has just entered a whole new industry with the launch of its FunBox Home Entertainment console. The company behind the new system, ZTE9 claims Funbox is the fastest Home Entertainment device in the market, thanks to its top of the line hardware specifications.

For developing the console, ZTE has partnered up with a leading Video Game Developer in China, The9. The resulting company called as ZTE9 would focus on developing gaming products for the market.

“The FunBox has opened up new possibilities in the home entertainment space,” Adam Zeng, Chairman of ZTE9, said today in Beijing at an event marking the public debut of the FunBox. “The FunBox will be supported by a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses hardware, content and channels, as we are committed to bringing a high-quality home entertainment experience to consumers.”

However, ZTE9 Funbox is no ordinary home entertainment box. It comes with impressive hardware specs to make sure it can run even high end games. Funbox is loaded with a NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor based on the new A15 architecture, 72 Core GeForce GPU, 2GB DDR3L RAM and 8GB Flash Store. It also comes with a Bluetooth controller and offers plenty of connectivity options like Wi-Fi and USB. Naturally, all these features make it one of the best Android consoles in the market.

However, ZTE has made sure that Funbox is not just limited to gaming. Being an Android console, the user can pretty much do anything with the device. For example, the user can connect it to a large screen HDTV to enjoy games on the big screen. Or if they want to make video calls, they can hook it up to a smart TV with a webcam. This setup will be ideal for video calling during family gatherings or group meets.

According to ZTE9, Funbox will be available for sale starting next month from JD.com and will be available to purchase in 12 different colors. The company also plans to offer personalized casings to its customers in the coming months. Unfortunately, the company has not yet revealed the actual shipping date or the pricing of the console. Also, whether it would be available outside Chins is still unknown.

Overall, Funbox looks like a great device for home entertainment needs and the success of the launch will most likely depend on the pricing of the device.

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