ZeptoLab Announces Holiday Season Release of ‘Cut the Rope 2’

ZeptoLab Announces Holiday Season Release of Cut the Rope 2The hit game ‘Cut the Rope’ is finally set to have its official sequel. Its developer, ZeptoLab, has announced the release of the new game, to be called ‘Cut the Rope 2’ later this year. It would be an ideal gift to its loyal players this holiday season.

Of course, Om Nom would return in a ‘re-imagined’ environment together with a new set of additional characters. There would even be interactive environments, new twists on the original gameplay, and a new storyline. The goal is obviously to please not just existing fans but also new players.

The company did not reveal any targeted platform but most analysts are certain that it would be released on both Android and iOS systems. Also coinciding with the launch of ‘Cut the Rope 2’ is the offloading of a new season of ‘Om Nom Stories,’ its own Web series. That series is presently on its sophomore season. It is airing on specific TV networks and is streamlined through YouTube, where it has been viewed for over 85 million times so far.

The true sequel

Needless to say, Om Nom, the little green creature that stars in the game, has been enjoying a busy schedule in the past few years. After the original game’s launch in 2010, ‘Cut the Rope’ has had several spinoffs: ‘Pudding Monsters,’ ‘Cut the Rope: Time Travel,’ and ‘Cut the Rope: Experiments.’

However, ZeptoLab has clarified that ‘Cut the Rope 2’ would be the real sequel to the first game. It would be an interesting addition to the catalogue. All the preceding ‘Cut the Rope’ games have already been downloaded for over 400 million times globally. Players have already cut over 60 billion ropes and have fed Om Nom with candies for over 20 billion times. But the green little star seems to have insatiable hunger.

High hopes

In a statement, Misha Lyalin, ZeptoLab CEO, has assured the game’s fans that the company keeps focused on its mission to continuously bring about fun through the game. The game developer assures that ‘Cut the Rope 2’ would facilitate experiences that its players would love.

ZeptoLab has made sure that the new game would feature amazing graphics, characters, and a gameplay that would bring about new and likely gaming experiences. The company hopes the popularity of the franchise would help make sure the sequel would be an equally huge hit.

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