Youtube Music Key paid streaming service will cost $9.99 per month

Youtube Music Key paid streaming service will cost $9.99 per monthSince last year, we have been hearing a lot about YouTube’s new music streaming service. Although some of the details of the subscription service from Google were leaked a few months back, the company managed to keep this a secret for quite some time.

However, finally we have some concrete details about the service, thanks to Android Police. The website yesterday leaked some of the details about YouTube Music Key, the music streaming service from Google which will be available to users who pay a small amount every month.

While YouTube Music Key may not be the best name for a product in the market, it’s still better than the existing name, Google Play Music All Access. The subscription provides a number of perks to the users like ad free streaming, audio only interface, and offline audio and video playback. According to the source, the service will be free to try for the first month, after which the user will be billed $9.99 per month.

The monthly payment will get you both, YouTube’s paid streaming service as well as Google Play Key. Also, it’s unsure whether existing subscribers of Play Music All Access service would get some kind of ‘early adopter discount’ for the new service.

Android Police notes that Google has already added over 20 million high quality tracks and has also acquired the domain name,

Given that YouTube is the world’s largest ad supported music streaming service, this new subscription model would be a smart move by the company.

Google’s paid subscription service for YouTube was scheduled to debut last year, but for some reason the company decided to delay it to 2014. Even this year, the company had to further delay the launch to improve and finalize the interface design.

While YouTube Music Key service will offer official songs from artists all over the world, which is what you get from other streaming services in the market, it will also give users access to remixes and covers of these songs. YouTube currently has millions of such remixes and covers and hence, getting offline access to all of this rich content would definitely make the subscription attractive.

As of now, we don’t know when will Google unveil the service, but it must be soon. The source has a number of pictures which reveal the basic design of the interface. And if it turns out to be the final one, we can expect the announcement anytime soon.

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