Young Boy’s Fingers And Genitals Severed By Enraged Neighbor

The injured boy is traumatized in hospital|People’s Daily

A 6-year-old boy’s fingers and genitals were cut off in a horrific attack from a woman who was bothered by the playful little youngster.

The accused lady, Liu Tao, was reportedly trying to sleep at her cousin’s rental place in Shaodong county, Hunan province, Central China. She was at her room when the little boy nicknamed Xiaoming wanted to play in the same room she was sleeping.

The boy, before the attack

The boy, before the attack|People’s Daily

Disturbed by Xiaoming, Liu Tao first threw him out of the room. But the little boy came inside again to play. Infuriated that her sleep was being disrupted, Liu turned aggressive, inflicting violent cuts on the 6-year-old.

Enraged, she used kitchen scissors and knives to repeatedly stab the little boy, leaving him bleeding on the floor. Blinded by rage, she stabbed and slashed his face, head and genitals and went back to sleep. She later fled the scene.

The boy is undergoing treatment but may have permanently lost his fingers and genitals. Liu was caught back at her home yesterday. “The police asked the suspect where she put my son’s penis, but she didn’t reply,” Zhou, the father of the boy, said.

The injured boy is traumatized in hospital

The injured boy is traumatized in hospital|People’s Daily

Missing fingers were found inside a vase and were sent to the Xiagaya hospital where the boy is being treated, but to no avail. They had been detached for too long to be reattached.

The suspect, if convicted, may face prison sentence of more than 10 years, according to Han Xiao. She, however, if proven to be plagued with mental disorders, might receive a slightly more lenient judgment.

The little boy has been left traumatized by this incident and is now recovering in the hospital.


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