Yellow iPhone 5C shell revealed in video

Yellow iPhone 5C shell revealed in videoThe iPhone 5C is all but confirmed, with the amount of leaks and rumors surrounding the cheaper iPhone, even if Phil Schiller says Cupertino will not be making a cheaper iPhone, we have no doubt somewhere at Apple they are preparing to launch the device.

A new video shown above has a high-quality look at the iPhone 5C shell, this time with a yellow back. It seems Apple is trying to develop as many color options as possible, many have said this could be the iPod Touch with phone capabilities.

Color customizations could be a good move considering the Moto X is about to be released as well, we can see Samsung and other mobile giants copying Motorola’s move, with an extensive line of color options for their smartphones.

Yellow iPhone 5C shell revealed in video 1

Yellow iPhone 5C shell revealed in video -2

Apple may bring down the weight and size of the device with the smaller battery and cheaper plastic build. The iPhone 5 was impossibly light when first released and we may see the iPhone 5C trump it with its plastic backing. This could be a clever advertising tactic for Apple.

The source has shown many different colors so far, including green, red, white and blue. Apple will launch at least 8 color options, according to a new report detailing the iPhone 5C and how Apple plans to market the device.

The event on September 10 may include the iPhone 5C, we know the iPhone 5S will be launched at the event, for an October 25 release. iOS7 is also going to be fully released to iPhone users, the compatible devices will be the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

With the fingerprint sensor, the iPhone 5S will have this functionality and it is unlikely Apple will add it to the iPhone 5C. This means the iPhone 5S will be the only device to use fingerprint compatible apps, if Apple decides to open the SDK.

The iPhone 5C will come in free on a two-year contract and Apple is preparing to push this into China, with the possibility of the iPhone 5C coming on China Mobile. This would be the first iPhone on the China Mobile network.

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