Yahoo Outpaces Google in US Web Traffic

Yahoo Outpaces Google in US Web TrafficDon’t count Yahoo out yet. The company ranked No. 1 in the list of top 50 Web properties in the US for July by digital tracking firm ComScore. It was the first time it outpaced strong rival Google since May 2011. To many observers, this may be a good sign that Yahoo Inc’s aggressive efforts could be starting to pay off to help propel the company back to the top.

According to the report by ComScore, Yahoo sites enjoyed a 2% lead over the sites operated by Google Inc, which include Picasa and Blogger. The collection of Yahoo’s winning Websites includes the Yahoo homepage, Flickr, Yahoo Answers, and the sites for sports, finance, and news. Yahoo’s sites generated 196.2 million views from unique visitors against Google sites’ 192.3 million views for the month.

Aside from Google, Yahoo also bested several other popular Web properties in the monthly listing by ComScore. Other sites in the top 5 were Microsoft, AOL, and Facebook. But Yahoo should not celebrate yet. According to ComScore’s analysts, the result in July might just reflect a normal monthly or seasonal fluctuation, wherein Google would again possibly bounce back to the top in the succeeding months.

Keeping the flame

But there are hopes that Yahoo could still top the list again in the coming months. There could be several logical factors that may indicate its further strengthening. First, the July result still did not include traffic from Tumblr, the 133-million-bloging network that the company recently acquired. That month, Tumblr had 38.4 million visitors, putting it in No. 28 of the list.

Second, Flickr remains strong as it continues to attract more unique visitors due to its new interface. Yahoo redesigned the photo-sharing network in May to add more interesting features as it aimed to bolster the site’s traffic. That effort may have paid off last month.

Feather in Mayer’s cap

It could be another victory for Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer, who assumed her current position just a little more than a year ago. In January this year, Yahoo suffered declining traffic as it only heavily relied on Flickr to keep its presence more felt online. Apparently, her strategies helped stage a turnaround in terms of local Web traffic. She has put more effort to redesign some sites and apps of the company.

Under Mayer’s helm, Yahoo has also become more active in buying out other smaller and startup Websites from around the world. It should be noted that most of those acquisitions are still not contributing to increased Web traffic of the company. But each of those purchased sites could surely bring about other added strengths and features.

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