Yahoo Experiences Difficulties in Restoring its Webmail Service

Yahoo Experiences Difficulties in Restoring its Webmail ServiceAre you having trouble checking your Yahoo Mail today? You are definitely not alone. In fact, most other Yahoo Mail users have been having trouble checking their inboxes for several days now. The Internet company admitted that problems on its Webmail service began earlier this week.

In a statement posted over its Twitter account, Yahoo advised that a number of mail users may still not be able to access their accounts. But it assured that it has been doing its best to restore the service soon. The company even disclosed that it is working non-stop to resolve the issue.

Acknowledging and trying to resolve the issue

Meanwhile, on its Yahoo Help Page, it acknowledged the problem, admitting that some users are having trouble checking their Yahoo Mail since Monday night. Yahoo cited hardware problem as the culprit for this latest glitch. It revealed that the issue occurred in one of its mail data centers.

On the same site, Yahoo also admitted that it has been having difficulties in fixing the problem. It said that it did not expect the issue to last this long. The company disclosed that it has appointed dozens of its technical personnel to work around the clock to make sure the service would be up sooner.

However, as of Friday morning, many users are still having problems accessing their Yahoo Mail accounts. At past 11 p.m. (PT) last night, the POP mail access to the Webmail has already been restored. The company is now working on its IMAP. While Yahoo assured its users that they should already be able to access their accounts, this is still not the case as of press time.

Disgruntled Twitter users

Yahoo Mail claims that it has already delivered more than 30% of email messages sent through its system since the outage. It also asserted that most of the affected servers are now up and running. Meanwhile, it advised users to expect all their unsent emails to be delivered by tomorrow afternoon.

Of course, in this age when social media rules Yahoo Mail got the criticisms from Twitter users. In response to a disappointed complainant, Yahoo said it has been working harder to restore Yahoo Mail. It also tried to apologize for any inconvenience this disruption may have caused users. There is no word yet about when the full Yahoo mail services could be restored.

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