Xiaomi to unveil a new slim flagship on January 15

Xiaomi to unveil a new slim flagship on January 15Xiaomi has quickly climbed up to become the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world. The company managed this feat in just a matter of two years. So, it’s no surprise that the upcoming flagship from this Chinese startup is in demand. The company is reportedly planning to launch a new flagship device, which will succeed the existing Xiaomi Mi4 next week. While the exact name of the device is not yet confirmed, rumors say that it could be called as the Xiaomi Mi4S or the Xiaomi Mi5.

Yesterday, the company sent out invites for the said event. It will be held at the National Conference Center in Beijing, China on 15 January 2015. The company has sent out a teaser image for the event, which gives out a small detail about the device. According to the image, the upcoming flagship device will be thinner than cicada’s wings, which is an insect common in China. While it is highly unlikely that the actual phone matches the claim, it would be interesting to see, to what extent this Chinese startup will go to reduce its size.

While the company officially didn’t reveal any specs or measurements, according to the latest leaks, the Xiaomi Mi5 will feature a 5.1mm thin profile. This will make it much thinner than the iPhone 6, which is usually considered as a slim phone at 6.9mm. An even slimmer design would put this with the likes of the Vivo X5 Max and the OPPO R5, both boasting of less than 5-inch thickness. So, it looks like Xiaomi is following its fellow competitor’s obsession with slimness.

The specifications of the device were also leaked earlier. It is said that the phone will come with a Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB RAM and 16GB storage. While Snapdragon is by itself a very capable processor, the latest Snapdragon 810 would have been even better. But the company has to keep the price affordable which is probably why it may go with 805. As for the camera module, things are not very clear. Earlier rumors hinted at a 20MP rear shooter, but the latest leaks point out at a less powerful 16MP rear sensor with an 8MP front shooter.

It looks like Samsung, Apple and other phone manufacturers will have to come up with powerful yet affordable phones to compete with companies like Xiaomi which are slowly and steadily stealing away their customers.

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