WSJ reports iPad 5 will take design from iPad Mini

iPad 5As we all knew, Apple will take the iPad Mini design and slap it onto the new iPad 5. The Wall Street Journal has confirmed this is what will happen; months after the first photos from assembly lines showing the iPad 5 with the same design were leaked.

It is reported the iPad 5 will be lighter and thinner than the previous version, but this has been the case since the original iPad. Apple seems to still be concentrating on small design changes, rather than thinking big on what the next generation of tablet users wants.

Apple is still holding to its guns about the display on the iPad as far as we can tell, it is likely they will stick with the current retina display. This is a shame, especially considering the Nexus 10 and Windows 8 tablets now beat the iPad on resolution.

Sadly, this is the only feature we have heard from WSJ regarding the iPad 5, leading us to believe it will be the only major change on the new larger tablet from Apple. This means it is unlikely Apple will add a keyboard or make the larger iPad a hybrid tablet, to compete with the Windows 8 hybrids.

Apple will launch iOS7 on the tablet, but by the time the iPad is launched iOS7 may already be on all its mobile devices. Sources have said Apple will hold two separate conferences, one for the iPhones and one for the iPad and maybe the new iPad Mini.

Regarding the iPad Mini, the retina display should be added onto the device, following the insanely high-resolution on the Nexus 7 and the rumored Kindle Fire HD resolution. It is going to take Apple more than a pretty device to win over smaller tablet buyers now, especially with the growing Android tablet app ecosystem.

There is no set in stone date yet, but Apple normally shifts out all new inventories before the end of the year and normally before the start of November, to make sure all products are on the shelves for Black Friday and Christmas.

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