World War 3 News: Will Turkey Quit NATO To Ally With Russia

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If you’re an enthusiast of the World War 3 news, here’s a major update. Turkey may leave NATO to become a Russian ally.

The announcement comes from Turkey’s foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. He said in a recent interview that President Tayyip Erdogan suffered hostility in the European Union. He also talked about anti-Turkish sentiment in the EU.

Cavusoglu said Turkey might consider leaving NATO if there was no significant support from the organization, an issue Turkey has been complaining about since the unsuccessful coup. The minister insisted that NATO must come to Turkey’s defense.

NATO was prompt to react to Turkey’s sentiments. In a statement by the NATO Spokesperson, the organization reemphasized its take on the Islamic country.

“Turkey is a valued Ally, making substantial contributions to NATO’s joint efforts,” the statement says. “Turkey takes full part in the Alliance’s consensus-based decisions as we confront the biggest security challenges in a generation.”

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The statement is a critical part of the World War 3 news. It says there is no doubt about Turkey’s NATO membership. According to the official statement, the Alliance values Turkey’s human rights, individual liberty and democracy.

The statement says Turkey should trust NATO’s support and solidarity, while the Alliance banks on Turkey’s contribution.

Turkey-Russia Relation

Turkey’s threat to NATO is also significant because of its growing intimacy with Russia. According to a report by Daily Mail, Cavusoglu talked about Turkey’s “strong mechanism” with Kremlin.

Cavusoglu said his country was trying to find a way out of the Syria situation. A delegation with officials from military, intelligence and foreign ministry will hold talks in Russia, he added.

The Turkish foreign minister also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had assured that sanctions on Turkish products would be lifted. Putin has apparently promised to take the TurkStream gas pipeline project forward. There will be additional paper work, if needed.

As more interesting updates come for the World War 3 news, things are getting more intriguing. Stay tuned for more on this.

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