Windows Start Menu could return with 8.1 Update 2

Windows Start Menu could return with 8.1 Update 2Microsoft may have sold millions of Windows 8 licenses till now, but the operating system is facing tough competition from its previous version, Windows 7. Many people still prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8.x as the new version has some radical changes like metro UI and no windows start menu.

But since its launch, Microsoft has realized that Windows start menu was an important part of the operating system and users loved it. So, at the developer’s build conference in April, the company announced that the start menu was making a comeback in the coming updates.

Over the past few months, we have heard little about this start menu, but today, in the midst of the world cup celebration, we saw a leaked screenshot of this upcoming feature. The screenshot reveals a hybrid start menu much similar to the one showed at the keynote in April.

We call it a hybrid version because along with the traditional start menu icons, there will also be floating tiles, like the ones found on the metro UI. So, you can pin lots more stuff on to this menu making it even more productive. To be frank, we kind of like this design as it gives us more space to pin apps to the menu and at the same time looks good too.

The screenshot also reveals another interesting thing. This new start menu was found running on Windows 8.1 Pro build 9788. This essentially means, if this screenshot turns out to be true, you could be getting this start menu with the next Windows update, possibly Windows 8.1 Update 2.

But, there’s another possibility. The image leaked could be the work of a Windows fanboy and this screenshot could be fake. We have seen many images which looked real, turn out to be fakes, so this one too  could be the work of photoshop.

However, Neowin’s sources say that the image is real and Microsoft uses a similar build with the start menu inside its offices. While this does not say whether we’ll get back the start menu with Windows 8.1 Update 2 or not, we don’t have to wait too long to check that.

If Microsoft is working on schedule, we should be getting the second Windows 8.1 update around August-September period. So, it would be great if the next update brings back the start menu, that too this soon.

However, if earlier reports are to be believed, start menu will make its comeback only in Windows 9 update, which means we’ll have to wait till April 2015 for it to return.

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