Windows 8 Still Fails to Outpace XP in December According to Net Applications

Windows 8 Still Fails to Outpace XPIt is estimated that over 10% of PCs around the world now operate on Windows 8. However, the new operating system from Microsoft Corp still needs to become much more popular than it is today to be able to catch up to Windows 7, its predecessor. This is according to the latest data released by Web analytics firm Net Applications.

Market share of Windows 8 hit 6.89% in December, while that of its newer version Windows 8.1 was at 3.6%. Thus, the total market share of both Windows 8 operating systems was at 10.49%, slightly higher than the total of the two in November, which was at 9.3%.

Windows OS

Interestingly, Windows 7 is still the most popular and most widely used operating system in the world. According to Net Applications, it still dominated the global operating system market in December through a market share of 47.52%. It even rose modestly from its market share in November that was at 46.64%.

Windows XP has proven that it is still very popular among PC users. It was the second most used operating system last month, commanding an overall market share of 28.98%. However, the number of its users dropped from 31.22% in November. It should be noted that the system is set to expire in April this year. Within four months, Microsoft would end providing support to the aging operating system, although XP would still be useful but not secure.

As expected, Vista is lagging behind all Microsoft operating systems. It was the fourth most used system in the period with a market share of 3.61%. The only consolation many observers see here is that at least, Windows8 is now more popular compared to the unpopular Vista.

Other OS

What about operating systems from other companies? At No. 5 on Net Applications’ list was Apple Inc’s OS X10.9, which posted a market share of 2.79% in December, slightly up from 2.42% in the preceding month.

Apple’s operating system may not have topped Windows’ systems in terms of PC market share but its iOS was a clear winner when it comes to mobile and tablet devices. iOS was installed in up to 54.27% of mobile gadgets in December, while its rival Google Inc’s Android had a market share of 35.41%. Apple got a major boost from iPad, which accounted for 31.29% of its market share, while iPhone accounted for 22.36%.

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