Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system revealed

Windows 10, Microsoft's latest operating system revealedWindows 7 was probably Microsoft’s best Windows version till date. After Windows 7, came Windows 8, which had a major design overall with the new live tiles layout and the lack of a start button. Although some loved the new design, majority of people criticized the new OS saying that Windows 8 was way different than previous version which made it harder to use.

With increasing criticism from users especially due to the lack of start button, it was said that Microsoft was going to bring the iconic button back in its next OS, which was expected to be called the Windows 9, given the usual naming scheme.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Microsoft has announced the new version of Windows and it’s going to be called Windows 10 instead of 9. According to a company executive, the new version is a very significant upgrade, hence the company decided to skip 9 to adopt the name, Windows 10.

The new operating system will be a mash of Windows 7 and Windows 8. The company has brought forward many of the features from the two year old version, however at the same time; you have many features from Windows 7 too.

For example, the start menu’s back, but it’s quite different. You have a list of apps on the left, as well as live tiles on the right. These tiles will be able to display recent notifications just like the ones on the Windows 8 OS.

Moving on, the new OS will run on practically all devices. So you have Windows 10 for your smartphone, desktop, touch screen laptop, tablet and even for small smart devices that don’t have a screen. Microsoft has even merged the app store, which means more apps for everyone.

You also have a task view button on the taskbar which will show all the open apps on your computer. So, switching between two apps has become much easier. What’s more, the same button will show the current virtual desktops on your computer. So you can set different desktops for different purposes. For example, one desktop can be for work, while the other for your home.

Windows 10 definitely looks like the update that we were waiting for all this time. The previous version didn’t really worked well with customers, especially enterprise users, so Microsoft is expecting a lot from this new OS.

The technical preview version of the Windows 10 is currently available for download. Microsoft will roll out the final build by 2015.


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