Windows 10 Is Releasing On July 29 With Cortana and Edge Browser

windows 10 OSMicrosoft has finally revealed the launch date of the upcoming Windows 10 OS. The company’s Vice President of Operating Systems, Terry Myerson, said in a blog post earlier today that the new Windows 10 OS will be released on June 29. The company had earlier said that it would release the new OS by summer of 2015.

The upgrade will be free for most users who are running the existing Windows 8 OS and the previous generation Windows 7 OS. However, the company is yet to reveal a price tag for those users who are ineligible for the upgrade. Also, there’s still no word on the launch date of the mobile version of the OS.

Microsoft has reportedly made many changes and additions to this new version of Windows. The OS is now streamlined for both home use as well as enterprise use. Unlike earlier editions, Windows 10 will run on a wide number of devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It will also run on various IoT (Internet of thing) devices as well as work on large servers.

The basic idea is to bring everything under one OS. So, if a person starts a spreadsheet on his laptop, Windows 10 would allow him to carry on with his work when he switches to a mobile device like a smartphone. The OS is built to look and feel the same regardless of the size, which is why it will even work on virtual reality headsets. However, on July 29, only the desktop version of the OS will be unveiled.

Although the new OS will come with a lot of new features, Microsoft is particular highlighting a couple of those like the new personal assistant Cortana as well as a redesigned web browser as Edge. This will be the first time Cortana will be making it to the desktop versions of Windows. The personal assistant can reportedly perform actions such as answering questions, taking down notes etc. Unfortunately, Cortana will be available only in US, UK, China, Italy, France, Germany, and Spain at the time of launch.

Windows Hello, the biometric authentication service will also be available to desktops and laptops which feature fingerprint recognition or an infrared camera for facial recognition. The revamped Edge browser aims to improve the overall web browsing experience of the user with a simple design. The Xbox app will also make it to the desktop versions of the OS.

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