Will.i.am is expected to reveal his smartwatch on Wednesday

Will.i.am is expected to reveal his smartwatch on WednesdayThese days, people are obsessed with technology. Consumers are ready to buy anything that can make their lives easier and better than before. Hence, companies are trying hard to create new product lineups which will attract users and thereby improve their brand image.

First it was smartphones, and then came tablets and now; the hottest product in the market is the smartwatch.

Almost everyone wants a piece of the smartwatch market. When we say everyone, we mean it, because it’s not just tech giants who are coming up with their own wearables but even entertainers and artists are planning to launch their own smartwatch band.

The latest artist to do so is Will.i.am, the singer from the famous music group, Black Eyed Peas. He is expected to reveal his own smartwatch brand on Wednesday at the Salesforce 2014 event.

In the past 12 years, Salesforce’s annual event has been a platform for people to talk about a variety of things ranging from education to innovation. Looks like will.i.am will use the platform to reveal more details about his soon to be launched smartwatch.

Will.i.am first showcased the smartwatch at Alan Carr: Chatty Man show back in April. During the talk show, he said that he didn’t carry his smartphone anymore as the smartwatch that he was carrying could make calls, play music and do much more just like a smartphone.

He even said that the smartwatch was designed by him, which is not surprising given that Intel had appointed him as the ‘Director of Creative Innovation’ back in 2011. So, he has some experience assisting in the development of tech products. He further added that the company which makes his smartwatch is fully funded by him.

So, it looks like the device would be a standalone smartwatch instead of most other rivals which depend upon an Android or an iOS device to work. He also added that the device had all the songs he wanted which he could listen anytime using a Bluetooth headphone.

And like other standalone devices in the market, will.i.am’s smartwatch is also said to be connected to social websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s quite possible that the device runs on a modified Android version, but he hasn’t revealed anything about the OS till now.

Will.i.am is all set to deliver the keynote at Dreamforce 2014 from 5pm to 6pm Pacific Time on Wednesday. We can expect more details about his smartwatch at the event tomorrow.

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