Wife Of Orlando Nightclub Shooter Pleads Not Guilty

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Twitchy Team | Noor Salman pleads not guilty to being an accomplice in the Orlando nightclub shooting incident. Photo Credit: Twitter/Twitchy Team

Last year in June 12, a shooting that killed 49 people happened in an Orlando gay nightclub in Florida.  Now, his widow is the only one left behind.  Initially, she pleaded guilty in a federal court in Oakland, California on Wednesday against the allegations made against her.

Noor Salman, the widow of Omar Mateen, was arrested at her parent’s residence in the suburbs of San Francisco.  This is along Rodeo Drive, earlier this week.  She hid there for seven months.  The area is about 2,400 miles away from where the incident happened.  Others considered the shootout the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States.

This month, a grand jury charged Noor Salman for obstruction of justice and aiding her husband and condoned his connection with the militant group ISIS.  She pleaded not guilty to all of the charges, reports CNN.  This particular hearing is a continuation of the Tuesday proceedings.  The court also scheduled a bail hearing on February 1.  Her uncle, Al Salman believes that his niece has nothing to do with what happened.  

The evidence and where it leads

Despite the not guilty plea, there are several pieces of evidence that pinpoint Noor as an accomplice to the crime.  According to a reliable source, he saw Noor and Oman together buying five containers of ammo at Walmart the night before the shootout, according to Fox News.  Another source also added that Noor’s social media posts implied support for her husband’s support for ISIS.  

Noor Salman’s family, including herself, still insist that she had no idea what Omar was up to during that time.  She also revealed that Omar was a very gentle man when they got married, but later on turning a bit violent in the end.  According to her, before Omar died in a shootout involving the police, he pledged allegiance to the militant group ISIS in 911 and the media.

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