Wife Might Go To Jail For Exposing Cheating Husband

A Saudi Arabian woman may potentially be placed behind bars after covertly filming her husband sexually harassing their family’s housemaid.

The wife uploaded the video on Youtube with the caption, “the minimum punishment for this husband is to scandalize him.” In the clip, her husband is initially seen talking to the housemaid. With his back to the hidden camera, he then proceeds to force himself on her in the kitchen of their house in Gulf Kingdom, with the housemaid trying to rebuff his advances.

However, according to a distinguished Saudi lawyer, the wife’s attempt at shaming her husband may actually backfire.

“She faces up to one year in prison or a fine of SR500,000 (around $136,000) for defaming her husband in line with the law on information technology crimes,” lawyer Majid Qaroob said.

“This law includes stiff punishment for anyone using mobile phones with a camera or other equipment to photograph others and defame them,” he added.

The video quickly went viral, spreading on social media networks, with #SaudiWomanCatchesHusbandCheating becoming the top trending hashtag on Twitter, garnering 25,000 mentions in 12 hours.

Sada newspaper reports that most viewers on social media were in favor of the wife.

Twitter users rallied behind her, not only to support the wife in her right to expose her cheating husband, but to also protest against the misogynistic injustice that she is to face jail and not her husband, despite the latter’s infidelity and sexual harassment.

Saudi media users, however, garnered mixed opinions regarding the matter.

Some condemned the wife and claimed that she should have handled the matter privately, saying that turning towards public humiliation was unnecessary as it was strictly a family issue.

Those in favor of the wife’s actions spoke otherwise, saying that she had the right to exact her revenge and that shaming was the best way to discourage similar cases.

Saudi Arabia houses a vast amount of domestic helpers, most of whom hail from Asia and East Africa, and the country has often disputed the social and economic aspects of the point at hand.

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