Why Is The Chicago Cubs Win So Important To Baseball

Chicago Cubs players celebrate as they are crowned the 2016 MLB Champions.Photo from: MLB Network Facebook Page

After a thrilling Game 7 World Series, the Chicago Cubs finally ended the 108-year title drought that has haunted the city for more than a century. The Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians in extra innings, winning with a score of 8-7 in the 10th inning.

Despite being down 3-1 in the World Series, destiny seemed to be on the side of Chicago this time around. The Cubs managed to put together three straight wins in order to snatch the MLB Championship from the Cleveland Indians. Finally, the Chicago Cubs can no longer be referred to as “lovable losers” and it was only fitting for the title to come in the most dramatic fashion.

Up 6-3 at the bottom of the 8th inning, the Cubs squandered their lead in an instant and found themselves going into extra innings against the home team, thanks to struggles from their closer Aroldis Chapman, whom the Cubs acquired via trade with the Yankees. To add to the drama, the rain delayed the action for a good 17 minutes, as reported by Jill Martin’s story on CNN.

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But once play resumed, the Chicago Cubs pounded and pounded. Kyle Schwarber, Albert Almora Jr., Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist, and Miguel Montero all contributed to give the Cubs an 8-6 advantage, which would prove to be enough for the victory.

Chicago Cubs

Wrigley Field is finally the home of an MLB Championship team after the Chicago Cubs’ historic Game 7 win, ending a 108-year title drought.
Photo from: MLB Network Facebook Page

But what does this victory mean for baseball?

For one, this victory can serve as the perfect example of what a loyal fanbase can do for a city. Despite decades of heartbreaks, the fans in the northern part of Chicago never seemed to desert their beloved Cubs. Year in and year out, fans would still flock to Wrigley Field and the Cubs would always field the best players they possibly could. This mutual relationship has finally paid off with a title this year.

This victory also means so much to the city of Chicago. Every year, Chicago always had to watch as other cities celebrated their Major League titles. That is why to Chicago Cubs fans, as reported by Dieter Kurtenbach in Fox Sports, this title means “everything.” And it took the Cubs management to build the best team in baseball to pull off the impossible.

The Cubs finished with the best record in baseball this year, but looked like they were headed for another heartbreak defeat after going down 1-3. But this time, Chicago proved to the whole baseball world that persistence does pay off. They didn’t stop playing their hearts out in Games 5, 6, and 7. They kept coming up with brilliant plays on offense and defense and they got that elusive title.

So much can be taken from the historic Cubs victory and the biggest lesson that we can all take away from it is this: heartbreak will always be a big part of sports, but that is exactly what makes improbable wins mean so much more. 

The Cubs will enjoy this victory, but they will surely be hungry for another title next year.

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