Why Did Caitlyn Jenner Skip Kylie’s Graduation Party?

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Kylie and Caitlyn during a recent lunch. Photo from Instagram.

Back in July, Kylie Jenner, 18, celebrated her high school graduation, and it was everything you would expect from the famous family of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. There were celebrity guests (fashion model Gigi Hadid and rapper Tyga, Kylie’s boyfriend), an epic dance floor, the quintessential party photo booth, and even a synchronized swimming performance.

What was missing, however, was not another flashy showcase or extravagant gift. Rather, Kylie’s father, Caitlyn Jenner — formerly known as Bruce — was absent from the celebration.

“Some people made a big deal about the fact that my dad wasn’t included in that graduation party my mom threw for Kendall and I, and I did miss Caitlyn being there,” Kylie said via blog post on her website.

The party, hosted by Kris Jenner at her Calabasas mansion on July 23, was also a celebration for Kylie’s sister Kendall Jenner’s 2014 high school graduation.

While she wishes “Caitlyn could have been there,” Kylie understands how things have been rocky between her mom, Kris, 59, and Caitlyn, 65.

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Throwback family picture of the Jenner Clan. Photo from Instagram.

“It’s understandable why she wasn’t (at the party) and I respected my mom’s decision about it,” Kylie wrote.

The former couple shared an angry exchange during their first meeting since the former Olympian’s transition, which was caught on camera through Caitlyn’s docuseries I Am Cait.

“It wasn’t me making that decision,” Caitlyn told Kris, “it was you making that decision.” Caitlyn stated that her not being invited was a “slap in the face.”

This follows Kris’ public backlash towards Caitlyn’s interview with Vanity Fair. In the interview, Kris was branded as “controlling,” with Caitlyn claiming that she felt “mistreated” by Kris. This had left the family matriarch hurt and devastated by how Caitlyn portrayed their 25-year marriage in the interview.

“I honestly wish I never met this man,” she cries on a phone call with daughter Kim Kardashian on the most recent episode of the family’s reality show.

Though Kim initially gave off an impression of pride and support towards Caitlyn’s transition, she admits she was “upset and hurt” after finally reading the Vanity Fair article.

Khloe was the sister who was quick to come to her mom’s defense, saying, “I’m not rewarding bad behavior and how she disrespects mom. I’m not supporting you — you don’t support us.”

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