Wearable Tech Con and Expo Ends Today in NY

Wearable Tech Con and Expo Ends Today in NYThis was the week for investment and innovation as wearable technology conferences took place in both New York and California.

Today concluded New York’s Wearable Technology Expo at New York University’s Kimmel Center, where winners were chosen this morning.

There were conferences in San Francisco and Mountain View, California, according to Examiner.com and the International Business Times. These newly annual events show off wearable technology and relate them to future accessibility.

Throughout the expo, companies got to talk about their products with the presentation of keynote speakers. After each company presented their gadgets in the eight minutes permitted, the audience voted for the best ones.

The results for the winners reflected the demand for handicap accessible technology as well as physical training gear.

The “Best in Show” and the “Audience Choice” awards were awarded to MaxVirtual, the owners of Cynaps. This hat, appearing as a baseball cap, was designed to assist people who suffered from hearing loss. The cap has a control panel in the bill with three buttons, has built-in speakers to produce clear sound, and can connect to mobile devices through Bluetooth to listen to music and make calls.

The “Best Application” award was given to Plantronics, who was one of the keynote speakers today. Their product was a next-generation Bluetooth headset with the same shape and form as the current Bluetooth sets but including sensors, accelerometers, gyros and other additions, says IB Times.

For example, in the demo of Plantronics’s speech, the presenter was able to sync the device with Google street view and travel through the virtual streets by moving his head. The company related the product to be useful for firefighters and police officers who need to see a clear view of certain streets at night.

HzO, a company that develops technology to protect phones, tablets, and other electronics from the damage of liquids, was voted for having the “Best Advanced Technology” with the “water block” innovation.

Their presentation included pouring fluids like water, beer, and mud on a smart watch followed by the presenter putting his whole arm into the mixture of the three liquids, said IB times.

The “Best Device” award went to Misfit Wearables for their physical activity tracker. The device is a small, silver disk that can clip anywhere. It uses LEDs and syncs with smartphones just by placing the disk on the screen.

Along with the announced winners, today, and the various keynote speakers who presented, the conference also involved educational forums on wearable technology.

The Demo Forum, which lasted for three hours on the first day of the expo, gave people a chance to try out certain gadgets.

There was also a forum on materials that made wearable technology wearable, providing comfort and style.

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