Watch Now: Here Are The Top 10 Jaw-Dropping Moments From Miss Universe 2015

Miss Universe 2015.

At this point, when you see those words, what might first come to mind would be the whole mix-up coronation fiasco between Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez and Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, courtesy of Steve Harvey.

But Miss Universe 2015 is more than that. There were some online (and offline) catfights in secret, and tears were shed behind the curtains. To commemorate the disastrous — albeit memorable — beauty pageant, here is a list of some of the most noteworthy moments from Miss Universe 2015.

1. When Miss Colombia was crowned Miss Universe 2015, of course.

miss colombia miss universe 2015 2

Screen capture c/o Youtube

At that point in time, we all thought Miss Colombia had won, and that she had followed through with her promise of bringing a back-to-back Miss Universe win for Colombia. Gutierrez was all smiles and waving at the crowd, proudly sporting the Miss Universe crown and sash. At that point in time, she was the winner… at least, for just a few minutes.

2. It all came crashing down when Steve Harvey reappeared onstage.

Maybe he was just there again to deliver some closing remarks. Maybe he was going to congratulate Miss Colombia. But no, it was the complete opposite: Harvey had returned to deliver every beauty queen’s worst nightmare — he had called out the wrong name, and Miss Philippines was apparently the real winner of Miss Universe 2015. Talk about getting your hopes up.

3. The shock on Pia Wurtzbach’s face was priceless, though.

Miss Universe 2015

Screen grab from Twitter.

After everything that had transpired onstage thus far, it was only natural for everyone to feel confused. But the look on Wurtzbach’s face was one for the books; she could hardly believe Harvey’s correction, and had to be prompted by other contestants to collect what was rightfully hers.

4. That moment when Miss Colombia had to give up her crown.

This was probably the most painful part of Miss Universe 2015, and it didn’t help that people all over the world were witnessing the awkward and embarrassing exchange. Not only did Miss Colombia have to step down from her title — after basking in it for a mere few minutes — but Miss Philippines as well was robbed of her crowning moment.

5. When everyone gathered around Miss Colombia, leaving Miss Philippines in the dust.

Unseen Miss Universe 2015 footageNOT SEEN ON TV! Some contestants supporting Miss Colombia and the awkward moment of the new Miss Universe from the Philippines. See more videos @

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Sure, Miss Colombia needed to be consoled — the whole incident was such a distressing ordeal, after all — but in that way, Miss Philippines was painted as the bad guy. Like a scene out of some high school-set movie, Miss Philippines became the outsider, and despite losing her crown, Miss Colombia was the queen bee.

6. Wurtzbach’s heartbreaking moment backstage.

Yet another painful sight to behold, Miss Philippines was spotted backstage in tears while staff were dressing her with the Miss Universe crown and sash. Wurtzbach, hands covering her face, began crying to herself — perhaps she was hurt from the instant backlash from the other girls? Maybe because her moment was taken away? Or was she simply overwhelmed by it all? Either way, it wasn’t pretty.

7. The whole Miss Costa Rica versus Miss Guatemala fiasco.

Miss Universe 2015

The alleged comment poked fun at Miss Guatemala’s traditional dress. (Screen grab from DailyMail)

The incident between Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines wasn’t the only drama that struck the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. As we previously reported, Miss Costa Rica Brenda Castro had allegedly slammed Miss Guatemala Fabiola Jeimmy Tahiz Aburto’s cultural dress. While the issue was supposedly caused by someone else, it just goes to show that Miss Universe 2015 isn’t all sunshine and daisies.

8. Miss Germany trash talking Miss Philippines on her win.

In a post-pageant interview, Miss Germany  made it clear whose side she was on — that being Miss Colombia’s. Miss Germany claimed none of the other contestants had voted for Miss Philippines, adding Miss Colombia “was robbed as the real winner” and that she and the other beauty queens were unhappy with the final result.

9. To his credit, Steve Harvey made it a point to make the necessary apologies.

Besides making the obvious apology onstage right off the bat, Harvey took to social media and expressed his regret over his mistake. But he didn’t stop there: Harvey also personally apologized to Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines after the show. You gotta give the guy some credit for that.

10. But let’s end things on a good note with the question-and-answer portion.

You decide on who was the most deserving of the crown based on these answers.

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For comments and suggestions, leave a message in the comments section below. Like and Follow our Facebook page for more stories and to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings.

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