Walmart Unveils its Own ‘Black Friday’ Deals

Walmart Unveils its Own ‘Black Friday’ DealsIt’s the time of the year when shoppers feast on gadgets and appliances from retailers at the best possible prices. ‘Black Friday’ is coming before the end of the month and this early, Walmart is giving some hints on what to expect from its stores from Thanksgiving Day to Black Friday.

The company has assured its customers that there would be 65% more TV sets to be put up for sale. The volume of available tablets would be doubled from the inventory on the previous Black Friday events.

As Walmart unveils some of its Black Friday deals for this year, it assured its customers that there are more to look forward to. As expected, the retailer’s offers are competitive compared to the deals that have been announced for the holiday by rival retail chains like Target, Best Buy, and even

One-hour guarantee

It was just last year when Walmart first launched its ‘one-hour guarantee’ program. Through it, shoppers are given the chance to snap specific items during a specified period. The company is also expanding the deals to 21 items from just three items in the past.

This means that the retailer’s customers would have to line up before 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. They would be given a wristband that would allow them to look around while they wait for about an hour or two to pick up their orders. Shoppers would have to check out their local Walmart store’s schedules and announcements regarding the deals. But for sure, there would be special deals for shoppers who come before 6 p.m. Those offers would be different from those to be offered the same day by 8 p.m.

Manager’s Specials

This year, Walmart would also start offering its ‘Manager’s Specials’ from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday (November 29, local time). Within those six hours, the retailer would markdown price tags of entire categories as well as brands of most in demand items. It advises customers to ‘like’ their local Walmart store’s Facebook page to learn more details.

At the same time, the company would offer several good deals through its Website for those shoppers who dislike going with the crowd on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. Among those items to be sold online are iPad 2 with accessory kit and Bluetooth for just $349, including a $75 discount. The 40-inch Samsung LED 1080p would be sold for $379 ($50 off) and the camouflage version of Xbox 360 controller would be offered at $139 ($90 off).

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