Vuzix and Lenovo sign a deal to sell the M100 smart glasses in China

Vuzix and Lenovo sign a deal to sell the M100 smart glasses in ChinaVuzix, the eyewear specialist and PC giant, Lenovo have signed a deal to sell the Vuzik’s M100 smart glasses in China. According to the deal, Lenovo will sell these smart glasses to enterprise customers in the country under its new business development brand.

The M100 was the first smart glass to be publicly available for purchase and was first spotted at CES in 2013. Over the course of time, the device has improved considerably, with the final design coming with a traditional glass frame with a separate module on the right.

The glasses will be marketed as a Vuzix-Lenovo solution and branded as “Vuzix 100 Smart Glasses powered by Lenovo NBD.” The company has a number of special manufacturing cases for the device which would be ideal for the industrial and commercial sector in China. Moreover, the smart glasses will offer Chinese language systems and localized voice recognition software to help people in the industry.

The deal also makes Vuzix, the exclusive third party supplier of smart glasses to Lenovo in China. But with Lenovo’s worldwide distribution system, the PC giant may market the glasses to other emerging markets too.

Currently, the company is focusing to sell its glasses for commercial and industrial use only. However, as Vuzix develops and releases more customer friendly glasses, Lenovo may sell it to non-commercial customers too.

China is a significant milestone for us and for the wearable industry. Lenovo is world-renowned for its high quality products and exceptional engineering, making them the most ideal partner with which to bring our M100 Smart Glasses to China” said Vuzix CEO Paul Travers. “Additionally we hope the M100 is just the first in a line of future products the companies may introduce together incorporating Vuzixs video eyewear technology for sale in China and perhaps elsewhere.

Vuzix M100 smart glasses runs on Android and is compatible with hundreds of apps built for the platform. The device comes with a small display and a computing module which sits on the right. There’s camera up front which can record videos as well as pictures and they can be shared with an Android smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

Lenovo plans to start selling the device in September this year. However, the company aims to make the device widely available for purchase for customers in the country by fall.

Neither Vuzix nor Lenovo has disclosed the pricing of the smart glasses.

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