Volvo reveals Apple CarPlay equipped XC90 SUV [Video]

After weeks of leaks and speculations about Apple’s new in-car iOS system, Apple has finally made it official. The system will be called CarPlay and will integrate user’s iPhone, iPad or even iPod touch to the car’s dashboard.  This will bring all the functionality of an iPhone into the car’s infotainment system and will be controlled via the driver’s Voice commands.

Volvo will be one of the first manufacturer’s to integrate this system into its car. Today, the company released a video demonstrating the use of the system inside its upcoming model, XC90 SUV.  The video reveals the iPhone integrated touch screen in the middle which can be used to control the various functions of CarPlay.

According to the video, the user can control functions like receiving calls, dictating text messages and even accessing music library from the phone. The large touch screen in the center will have icons similar to iOS which will perform these functions. The company also adds that third party music streaming apps like Beats Music and Spotify are supported. More apps may be supported in the coming updates.

The system will be controlled via Siri. The user will be able to command Siri to perform various functions like making a call or dictating a text. So, the system will be operated practically ‘Eyes-Free’ which will enable the user to concentrate on other important things like driving. However, Volvo adds that user can even use the knobs and controls on the dashboard to work with the system. So, if he or she is not comfortable dictating things to Siri, then it can be done in the traditional way too.

“iPhone users will feel completely at home in a new Volvo. We have created a wholly-integrated user experience in our large portrait-oriented touch screen that takes the in-car mobile device experience to a new level,” said Volvo’s Håkan Samuelsson in the blog post.

Apart from CarPlay, Volvo’s XC90 SUV would also feature the company’s own software. As the large screen remains in portrait mode, these two technologies work seamlessly, giving a true connected experience to the user.

Apart from Volvo, other manufacturers like Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz are expected to reveal CarPlay equipped cars at the Geneva Motor show later this week. While Volvo will showcase the XC90 SUV at Geneva Show, the company plans to release it only by the end of this year.

It is said that many other manufacturers like BMW, Nissan, Ford, General Motors would launch their future cars with CarPlay built-in.

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