Vladimir Putin Says ‘US Russia War’ Will Happen If Hillary Clinton Wins

Russian president Vladimir Putin hot on the US’ trail; warns against nuclear invasion from the West. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the United States may be on the rise, but her victory isn’t good news for some people, especially the Russians. Vladimir Putin believes the former Secretary of State could trigger a US Russia war should she win the presidential seat in the coming November elections.

Apparently, Republicans aren’t the only ones who are stressed with Clinton’s lead in the polls. Vladimir Putin’s open concerns about the frontrunner are also worrying Russians and Romanians, according to some reports. The Russian president was reportedly convinced of Donald Trump’s promise of cooperation with Kremlin leaders. However, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) drag their feet on what Russians know should be an indictment of Hillary Clinton, tensions continue to rise.

As noted by Inquisitr, Trump got an unexpected campaign contribution from a 75-year-old Russian named  Felix Kolsky. The accompanying letter says the 100,000 rubles ($1,500) gift was supposed to be spent on dental prosthesis, but the donor would rather stop a potential US Russia war from the Democrat presidential nominee. 

“I could live without teeth if there would be no war,” Kolsky said. “Look at Hillary, it’s clear—she is ready to storm Russia tomorrow!”


Hillary Clinton has since been judging her rival’s bash persona as a poor match for foreign policy. According to her, Trump isn’t someone who should never hold the nuclear codes as he may lead the US into a war “just because somebody got under his very thin skin.”

US Presidential aspirants Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. || Photo Credit: Creative Commons Wikipedia.

Nonetheless, the Russians believe otherwise.  Clinton’s war hawk ways have the citizens of Russia scared to death that its government is already preparing for what it deems as an unwanted but inevitable war with the former Secretary of State. Her husband is of no help as well as they are both reportedly evil to Putin’s eyes.
A lot of older Russians blame Bill for the collapse of the country’s economy back in the 90s. Younger citizens, on the other hand, form their opinion through Russian media reports.
As the US presidential election nears, Putin has already ordered the Aerospace Defense Forces to speed up the deployment of two or more missiles attack early warning system satellites. He reportedly warned the military of the imminent US Russia war if Clinton is elected as the new POTUS next month. 
“If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war,” the Russian president said. 

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