‘Vladimir Putin Knows How To Make Deals’: Russian FM

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Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressed the country’s parliament on Wednesday. In his address, he said that rebuilding US-Russia relations will take time. The foreign minister also added that the government does not have any “naive expectations” about a reset in US-Russia ties. He continued that President Vladimir Putin knew how to crack a deal “in favor of Russian interests.”

US-Russia relations reached an all-time low during Obama’s tenure. The former President looked forward to mend ties with the country in his tenure. However, events such as Russia’s annexation of Crimea, its role in Syria conflict and allegations of Russia meddling in US elections, as well as raging a cyber war, dented the relations further.

Russia believes that the Trump administration is keen to mend the broken ties with Moscow. As a result, Russian politicians and businesses view his victory as an indication of strengthening the partnership between the two countries. However, an article in New York Times states that Moscow will be cautious while talking to Washington and rebuilding ties will not happen instantly.

An article in The Hill states that Lavrov believes that a complete US-Russia relation reset will happen on the principles of respect and equality. He added that Russian and American leaders will find a way to co-operate with each other. At the same time, they will protect national interests with decency and predictability.

Russia-EU relations

In addition to the US, Russia now seeks to mend ties with European Union (EU). An article in the Inquirer informs that EU and Russia relations too went downhill after the union slapped sanctions on the country. Lavrov blamed US for the deplorable state of Russia and EU relations. He also rejected media reports, which accused Russia for its interest in weakening the EU. An article in Big Story states that according to Lavrov, there is a very small group of “Russophobes” in EU.

He hoped that Brussels would stop paying attention to that group. He also added that there is a high demand from EU businesses and social circles to normalize the Union’s relations with Kremlin. “We never have been interested in the EU breakup,” he said. “We want the EU to be strong, united and independent,” he added.

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