Video Discovery Firm Rovi Buys Set-top Box Maker Fan TV

Video Discovery Firm Rovi Buys Set-top Box Maker Fan TVTo many observers, it is a perfect match for combination. Rovi has recently acquired set-top box maker Fan TV for an undisclosed amount. Several analysts estimated the deal to have cost the digital entertainment technology solutions provider about $15 million based on reports that the acquired business was recently seeking an amount equivalent to that.

Rovi is believed to have targeted Fan TV’s capability to bolster its portfolio of video guide offerings that are based on the Cloud. At the same time, Rovi would also enjoy the  latter’s consumer-facing apps. For the part of Fan TV, it may be able to bring its own streaming set-top box technology to a wider base of consumers.

This merger is a perfect fit, according to observers and analysts. Rovi can offer its services to more consumers via the new Cloud-based service. At the same time, Fan TV gets the support of a bigger sales force for a wider distribution network.

From Fanhattan to Fan TV

Fan TV was originally known as Fanhattan before it rebranded itself just last spring, It broke away from Vuze Bit Torrent in the past to become a video discovery platform during a time when there was hardly any service for a finding content across various streaming devices. It bought Open Movie Database in 2010 to boost its own features specifically for guide, navigation, and search services.

As Fanhattan, the company also launched an iPad app that aggregates videos from different streaming devices. It helps users to find content and get links to other apps that provide movies or TV shows.

When it recently rebranded as Fan TV, it introduced its own set-top box that was aimed at replacing the typical cable box. Fan TV’s set-top box was designed to facilitate  improved user interface for users who are more familiar to Apple TV and Roku devices. Then it got into a deployment agreement and partnership with Time Warner Cable, which introduced Fan TV devices to its own customers a few weeks ago.

Rovi’s new capability

For its part, Rovi’s new Cloud capability could give it access to CE manufacturers as well as operators. It could finally integrate live TV, over-the-top streaming, and DVR services  into its own guide.

As part of the acquisition, Fan TV personnel are set to join Rovi. Fan TV, meanwhile, would continue to maintain its own office for the time being until the merger is finally  completed.  

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