Usher Wins Custody Battle for Two Sons

Usher Wins Custody Battle for Two SonsJudges dismissed an emergency petition filed by the mother of Usher’s two sons for emergency custody, finding Usher fit to continue as custodial parent.

A heated and drama-filled court battle began when ex-wife Tameka Foster filed a petition with courts for emergency primary custody over the two boys. The Georgia judge dismissed the claim, stating that this isolated incident was not a proper gauge for Usher’s parenting abilities and refused Tameka’s claim to gain full authority of the two boys.

Ushers five year old son was rushed to emergency after a near fatal pool drowning while under the care of his father, pop star idol Usher. The five year old Usher Raymond V, remains hospitalized but under improving conditions. During proceedings, the mother’s defense questioned the abilities of now caregiver Ms. Oden, stating she was incapable of properly caring for the two boys while father Usher was away.

During a post-court interview, Judge John Goger told reporters that he felt no one poolside the day of the accident could have been more capable than Ms. Oden in actions taken after the boy fell in and that he was impressed with her overall abilities as a caregiver. Aunt to both boys, Ms. Oden will continue to supervise the children while Usher is away. In addition the judge concluded that Mrs. Foster’s standards for a proper caregiver were too high.

Also in question during the case was Ushers abilities as a father, as ex-wife stated tear-felt claims in the courtroom that he was in fact an inattentive father and unsuitable to care full time for the young boys. While on the stand, Usher rehashed the frightening details of his 911 call and the trip to emergency in response from ex-wife stating he waited over an hour to contact her with the news. Usher told the courtroom he did in fact wait because the well-being of his son was first priority.

In addition, Usher explained details of the children’s schedules outline in weekly emails including doctor’s appointments, summer camps and travel.  Any important information from such appointments is also communicated in a follow up email keeping ex-wife Foster well informed and proving to courts of his attentiveness as a father. The judge stated that this isolated incident was not a reflection of Usher’s abilities as a father.

Though the children will continue in Usher’s primary care, another case was scheduled prior to the accident this past May and Usher has now moved to push the case forward. Usher V is recovering steadily at Children’s Health of Atlanta where the breathing tube inserted upon arrival has been removed.

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