US Tourist Killed In Greek Bar Fight

The life of a young up and comer was brutally cut short after he got beaten outside a bar in Greece. As of the moment, authorities are looking into the case of the American tourist brutally beaten to death while out on a vacation in Greece. The family and friends of the victim are still looking for justice.

22-year-old Bakari Henderson was with his friends at a bar in Laganas. Laganas is a tourist village on the island of Zakynthos and the brawl that lead to the death of the 22-year-old happened early Friday morning. The death of Henderson is being attributed to 10 men who beat him after a confrontation, ANA-MPA reports.

Henderson was hanging out in the Laganas bar with his friends when another tourist, a Serbin national, approached him. An altercation occurred after the meeting and the bar’s security personnel asked both parties to leave the premises of the bar immediately.

The fight continued outside and that’s where things turned for the worst as the friends of the Serbian national ganged up on Henderson. The Serbian tourists also attacked with employees of the bar who might’ve been friends with the Serbian tourist. The two employees, a 32-year old Serbian and a 34-year old Greek, have been arrested by the police, along with seven others. Henderson was brought to a hospital after the brawl, but he died from the injuries he sustained.

It is unknown for now where Henderson’s friends were during the brawl and the police has yet to reveal whether his friends were involved.

Daily Mail reports that the argument between Henderson and the Serbian national might’ve been caused by a selfie from a waitress. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

The victim was also unlikely to have engaged in a brawl, says his friend Travis Jenkins to ABC News. “Bakari was not one to act aggressively like that. He was always the one who was the peacemaker.”

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