US Postage Stamps Feature Steve Jobs and Videogames

In an ironic turn of events, the late Steve Jobs might be featured in US postage stamps. The co-founder of Apple Inc was logically instrumental in helping bring the traditional ‘snail mail’ into oblivion. If the planned stamp to commemorate him would push through, he would join other icons who are supposedly lined up in future US postage stamps.

According to well-placed sources, the Steve Jobs stamp could be set for a possible release in 2015. Right now, it is in the ‘design development.’ It should be noted that commemorative and collectible postage stamp designs are usually kept within tight wraps and standards by the US Postal Service.

Mr. Jobs would be the sole tech-related individual to make it to the list of people who would be featured on stamps until 2016. But sources reiterated that the list is still subject to change. It is not impossible that other stamps could appeal to more technology buffs in the coming years.

More interesting subjects for postal stamps

The list of future possible US postage stamps is getting more interesting and exciting. Sources claim that there are already stamp designs that have already been approved to honor ‘Pioneers of Graphic Design.’ They added that there could be a sequel to ‘Science Fiction Writers’ stamp to be released by the Postal Service by 2016. And there is reportedly a special stamp that would commemorate the popularity of ‘videogames.’

There are other possible designs in the future that have been leaked. If the reports are accurate, we may expect US postal stamps that feature the likes of Wilt Chamberlain, Harvey Milk, Jimi Hendrix, George W. Bush, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Barack Obama.

More interesting postal stamp designs

The animation industry would also get a nod when reported plans to release stamp featuring Dora the Explorer is released. Additionally, there are reports that there would soon be a stamp paying tribute to Hanna Barbera. Meanwhile, we may also expect more abstract ideas in future US stamps like ‘Stroke Awareness,’ ‘Exercise,’ and ‘Stop Bullying’ stamps.

It should be noted that US Postal Service officials are not allowed to announce subjects of future stamps. But it can also be inevitable for such leakages to surface. The reports about such leads for future stamp subjects were from so-called ‘pop-culture-heavy’ list of possible stamp designs obtained by The Washington Post.

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