US Navy Confirms 9 New & Combat-Ready Ships

The USS John C. Stennis and USS Ronald Reagan carrier strike groups conduct dual carrier operations on June 18 in the Philippine Sea. Photo Credits: Instagram/usnavy

The US Navy has announced that is adding 9 new ships to the fleet this year. The new ships, which range from an aircraft carrier to submarines, will help the US keep up with technological advancements of other countries. The US is inching closer and closer to a milestone 300-fleet navy. If anything, these 9 ships signal a power shift as Donald Trump takes the helm. The ships, expected to come into full operational capacity this year, are the following: One aircraft carrier, two destroyers, two nuclear-powered attack submarines and four littoral combat ships (LCS). The Navy will commission these ships this year, meaning they will be fully-manned and assigned to a major command.

US Navy Acquisitions

The USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier will be the first of its class that the Navy commissioned. This class of aircraft carrier, unlike the older Nimitz-class, can hold up to 90 aircraft, a bump up the Nimitz which can hold 64. It also features lots of new tech, such as new radars and a new reactor. The Navy is looking forward to the Gerald R. Ford as it is already 2 years late in commissioning. At this point, the ship already incurred $3.2 billion in overruns.

The Ford will bring up the US Navy fleet back up to 11 aircraft carriers. Federal law mandates that the Navy maintain 11 of these type of ship at any given time. However, the retirement of the USS Enterprise caused a delay.

Two Arleigh-Burke class guided missile destroyers are also due for commissioning. These are the John Finn and the Rafael Peralta. These two are the Navy’s newest destroyers in 5 years. The delay came after a preference shift from Zumwalt-class destroyers to Arleigh Burke-class.

More Arleigh Burke-class destroyers are in production. These include the Thomas Hudner, Daniel Inouye, and Carl M. Levin, UPI noted. The USS Washington and USS Colorado are two nuclear-powered submarines. The Virginia-class subs have 4 torpedo tubes for guided-torpedoes and 12 vertical launch tubes. Their nuclear reactors allow them to patrol indefinitely. The only limitations are crew endurance and food supplies.

Lastly, the 4 LCS expected are the Gabrielle Giffords, Little Rock, Omaha and Sioux City. These 4 ships are also overdue as the program was beset with failures in 2016. In fact, the USS Fort Worth got stranded in Singapore for 8 months as engineers repaired it.

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