US, China In Talks Against North Korea

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The United States of America and China leaders have discussed North Korea’s missile launches in the recent G20 conference. The US president talked and sought solutions against the North Korea’s threats with the missile launching nation’s big ally, China. Up until now, both countries have yet to decide if they’ll stop North Korea’s military actions.

As ABC reported, the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump had talks with China to help them stop North Korea’s military exercises. Kim Jong Un’s country has been launching missiles into the ocean which nears USA’s territory. Political heads see this as a practice run of a potential invasion and would want to solve this issue soon.

So far, the discussions between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping have been going well, albeit North Korea’s big ally has kept a neutral stance on the issue. According to Peking University expert Niu Jun, China will remain resistant to accept any other action outside multilateral means that includes the United Nations. China has maintained some financial ties with North Korea as Trump notes of the first quarter trade growth between the two nations. However, China doesn’t seem to be happy with its relationship with North Korea and is noted to be growing “colder and colder.”

Even though China isn’t too warm with North Korea at the moment, Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy Tong Zhao notes that China won’t easily let go of their North Korea partnership. Their relationship means they’ll be able to have another communist ally and they don’t have much business competitors in North Korea. Lastly, the North Korea’s fall will force China to deal with potential issues like a civil war, unmaintained nukes from North Korea, refugees moving across the Chinese border, and U.S-South Korea army presence on the Yalu River. For now, we’ll have to wait until Trump and Xi agrees on a good deal to see if America and China will have a joint action against North Korea.

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