Ubisoft’s Child of Light is a new indie JPRG

child-of-lightUbisoft is a titan of AAA titles, with Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Prince of Persia, Rayman, Tom Clancy and other top franchises, because of this reputation for large titles, it is hard for a developer to get stuck into an indie game, breaking the traditional rules for a project with depth and real character.

This is exactly what Far Cry Director Patrick Plourde is trying to achieve with the new JRPG Child of Light. Ubisoft has never been well known for JRPGS, sticking mainly to shooters and fighters, but Plourde wants to create something beautiful and small, an indie game for the large AAA publisher.

Using the Ubi Art Framework, the same engine used for Rayman: Origins, Child of Light is set to become a game similar to Limbo and Final Fantasy 6, pulling in features from all different game types. Plourde says he wants to develop something feminine, inspired by the age of incredible book artists like Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac.

With the physics of Limbo and the graphic design similar to Final Fantasy 6, this game is set to come with side-scrolling gameplay and turn-based battles. Plourde wants to create a game unlike anything Ubisoft has released in recent years, a game that will capture a smaller but more interested audience.

Child of Light will not be available on store shelves, Plourde has said it will be fully digital. The shelve space is completely eradicated on digital and there is no need to go through a third party like Best Buy, he stated. No word on pricing yet, hopefully we will see it come for $9.99 – 29.99.

Ubisoft will publish the title the same way they did with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, by selling it online with a cheaper price. The difference between FC: BD and Child of Light is the latter is a new IP and could have hours of exciting gameplay, making it a more enjoyable and new experience.

Plourde has said he is excited to try out this new JRPG and see how it does in the sales – he is not bothered if the game does not do well, he just wants confirmation that Ubisoft can sell a game that is not a triple-A shooter. Plourde has also revealed he is working a second small game, but this is further behind in development.


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