Ubisoft gaining more pre-order traction on next generation

next-generation-systemsUbisoft has reported that pre-orders for Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed 4 are higher on the next generation consoles than they are on current generation consoles. This is surprising considering the next generation consoles still have no set date and gamers still have all their games, saves and profile on the current generation system.

In previous gaming generations, there would be a one or two year gap from launch to success, where the next generation would experience small adoption followed by mainstream game titles, followed by huge adoption on the platform. This time, it has been ramped up to months, with hundreds of launch titles and gamers waiting so long for the next generation consoles.

Millions have pre-ordered the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One, exact numbers do not exist, but it has surpassed 10 million by now worldwide, we presume. Sony has taken the bulk orders, with the Xbox One fighting for scraps, as early reports suggest.

This, alongside the fact retailers will sell games bundled with the console, is reason enough Ubisoft is seeing more traction on the next generation platform.

Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy: The Division, Assassins Creed 4 and The Crew will all be coming to next generation consoles and the multiplayer system take advantage of new technology, another reason to choose the next generation title.

EA COO Peter Moore also said pre-orders of the current generation EA Sports titles were a little soft compared to previous years. This is covered by the fact the next generation is exploding with excitement. Not only are new games coming, new game types are coming to the two platforms, including indie self published titles, MMO’s and focus on multiplayer/singleplayer integration.

All of this points to an exciting next generation, filled with big publishers and small indies pushing out their game without boundaries. Microsoft recently change their policies on indie publishing, making both consoles accessible for indies.




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