U.S. Drone Attack Might Have Killed 3 Al-Qaeda Members In Yemen

PHOTOGRAPH: | Resized image of a US drone, which killed three Al-Qaeda members in Yemen taken from This image is representative in nature and does not indicate the drone that killed the Al-Qaeda members.

US is continuing its war on terrorism under the new administration. Media reports reveal that two US drone strikes killed three Al-Qaeda members in Yemen on Saturday. Those dead include an area field commander named Abu Anis al-Abi and two other soldiers. The drones struck Al-Qaeda militants in Bayda province. Bayda lies South west of Yemen. According to information available, this is not the first US drone attack.

US drone strikes are common after September 2001. The country uses drones for retaliatory attacks against suspected Al-Qaeda members. The Trump administration has not yet revealed its policy on drone strikes. However, President Trump often said that he wants to rid the world of terrorism. As a result, Saturday’s drone strikes are being reported widely as the first ones under the new administration.

Even though US has conducted a number of retaliatory attacks since 2001, their frequency increased considerably under Obama’s administration. In fact many human rights organizations blamed the popular President and his administration for increased civilian deaths on account of the drone strikes. While President Obama accepted that the criticism was legitimate, he said that US now had a “fairly rigid and vigorous set of criteria” that justified the attacks.

Fatalities undercounted

An article in Fox news informs that according to US intelligence, as many as 117 civilians died during various drone strikes and counter terror attacks. US unleashed these attacks in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen, states a report in Reuters. However, human rights groups accuse Obama administration of undercounting these numbers. An article in CBS news states that Mwatana, one of Yemen’s human rights group published a documentary on civilian deaths caused by US drone strikes. The group and the documentary stated a number much higher than that reported by US Intelligence. These groups are now worried about the new President and his policy on drone and counter terror attacks.

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