Twitter’s Vine Celebrates First Birthday

Twitter Vine Celebrates First BirthdayAside from the 30th anniversary of Apple Inc’s Macintosh, January 24 was also the first birthday celebration of Vine. It has been a year now since Twitter introduced this new social networking site that specializes in facilitating the use of 6-second videos.

Twitter made sure the celebration to commemorate the first anniversary of the business would create buzz. Thus, the micro blogging firm launched a special Website, ‘A Year on Vine.’ The online site showcases a number of the most memorable videos that have been posted on Vine for the past year.

The successful start

In its blog statement released before the anniversary date, the Vine team recalled that it did not know what to expect when it started the service in 2013. It asserted that saying it has been blown away would be an understatement. It added that it has become surprising how users of Vine have been able to tell an entire story, leave people speechless, and make people laugh in just six seconds, sometimes less.

Of course, Vine was thankful and appreciative for the steady and strong growth of their user base since the service was launched a year ago. Many observers think that the popularity of Twitter could be cited as among the few reasons why Vine worked.

Over a short period, Vine has proven itself as a strong force to reckon with. First, in just seven months, it was able to have 40 million registered and regular users. Second, they say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. This could be the case when competitor Facebook followed the initiative of Vine and in turn added its own video capabilities into its photo-sharing social network Instagram just last June.

Continuous improvement

As part of the commemoration, Vine released a series of updates for its popular service. Those include vanity URLs, Web profiles, support system for Web embeds, and video editing capabilities. It is safe to assert that the service is growing and evolving to serve its users better.

The team reiterated that Vine was created to make it easier for online users to generate and share videos using their devices, particularly smartphones. This is in recognition of the fact that video is an effective medium for bringing people together. Vine was originally launched as an app for iOS. Its Android version was rolled out in June and the Windows Phone was launched in November.

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