Twitter Rolls Out an Experimental Feature that Monitors ‘Nearby’ Tweets

Twitter Monitors Nearby TweetsThere is always something new in Twitter. It seems that the company is constantly trying to evolve to make its service more interesting and more useful to users. We may also expect Twitter to always do experiments as it tries to retain users, entice new ones, and generate more prospects for advertising revenue.

Now, the popular Website is testing another way to share with nearby users. The service is again testing a new timeline feature for mobile app users. The new feature is initially called ‘Nearby.’ The idea is to show off tweets coming from users who are just nearby. Those tweets would be detected whether your account is a follower or not.

The new ‘Nearby’ timeline feature

Twitter has not yet formally launched ‘Nearby’ timeline. But it should be noted that some users have already been using it in their mobile phone apps in the past several days. Those users were asked consent to allow the online site to determine and use their current location.

Apparently, this new feature is part of a major effort to entice more users to share their current location. Needless to say, that would make Twitter more relevant, just like how Foursquare is. In the process, it would also open up Twitter to many other opportunities for advertising. This is because advertisers are logically given more precise and more specific targeting capabilities.

Twitter’s experiments into location timelines

Logically, this new feature is not the first test of the company into location-based territories. The microblogging site first announced its plans to launch a location based API way back 2009. It was in the following year that it rolled out the capability for users to add their location to their tweets. However, this feature should be turned on and off by the user.

Just last June, the company bought Spindle, an iOS app that tries to determine what happenings are going around this time. To many analysts, this acquisition could be considered as part of Twitter’s efforts to get into location-based features, which is proving to be in-demand and useful these days.

Meanwhile, another social networking Website, Facebook, has also tried a similar feature. In June last year, the site tested a new feature that enables discovery of new Facebook friends nearby. However, Facebook eventually disabled this service following a complaint mounted by startup app Friendthem.

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