Twitter requires users to follow each other before they could send direct messages

Twitter Now Requires Users to Follow Each OtherTwitter is constantly evolving. It seems that the micro blogging site is continuously changing to better please its users. Last month, it ran an experiment that would allow direct messages to be sent to a Twitter user from any of his followers. That facilitated receiving of direct messages to just about anyone from the social network. Twitter users only needed to follow you for them to communicate directly to you in private.

Now, that option has been scrapped. This means that direct messages could only be sent just between users who follow each other. The new policy could be a welcome note for many users. But at the same time, those who have learned to appreciate the experimental policy would sorely miss it.

In a statement, Twitter Inc said it is experimenting on many features to make the Website better. It added that there are new features that it launches on temporary basis to see how the users in general use those. Twitter usually runs such experiments before making some fixtures permanent.

Direct messaging from anyone

Twitter silently rolled out the direct message feature in October. But loyal enthusiasts and bloggers did not miss it. Thus, the information abruptly spread across the social media. Users also noticed that they could send and receive direct messages to and from other users that they don’t follow.

It is expected that the reversal of the direct message policy launched last month would finally help lower spam message incidences on the Website. Thus, users may now be spared from receiving messages and communications from unknown Twitter users. However, users would have to follow each other now to enable them to send direct messages to each other.

Launching various experiments

Twitter is now actively conducting experiments on its Website. Recently, it rolled out the @eventparrot test account to facilitate disseminating of breaking news via direct messages. The experimental service is almost similar to @magicrecs account, which has become an actual push notification system.

Last September, Twitter introduced Twitter Alerts. This feature provides users with timely notifications regarding emergency instances. The information is usually tapped from various trustworthy sources like FEMA, the American Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and several other local and state groups across the US. This service has also recently expanded to other territories like Ireland and the UK.

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