Tweetbot removed from the Mac app store, may have reached token limit

Tweetbot removed from the Mac app store, may have reached token limitRecently, Twitter incorporated a limited token system to control the number of logins made via third party apps into its social networking site. Last year, it was said that Twitterrific 5 for Mac had to stop development because it reached its limit and today, there’s reportedly another app which went off the app store possibly due to the above said reason.

The popular Tweetbot for Mac went off from the app store this Sunday morning and has not yet returned. Experts suggest that the app must have reached its token limit and hence was taken from the app store. Also, the app was not accepting new logins since this incident which further hints at the token limit problem.

When a developer runs out of tokens, there is no known way to getting new ones. As a result, once this happens, the app won’t be of any use to new customers and developers will have no option but to remove it from the store. Existing customers are free to use the app, but it won’t take new ones.

Tweetbot went off from the Mac app store but it’s still available on the iOS store. This doesn’t come as a surprise as the developers had previously said that the app might run out of tokens by the end of 2014. However, that didn’t happen but yesterday’s disappearance could be due to this reason rather than a twitter glitch.

This is one of the few ways twitter tries to restrict competition. There are a lot of third party applications that are currently available in the market, which means fewer users are on its official app. As a result, twitter has little control on the experience of its users. Restricting the number of tokens which is essentially the number of logins that can be made via a third party app will automatically drive users to the company’s app. This will give proper control over the social networking site’s users, right in the hands of Twitter.

Since Sunday, 9to5Mac reported that the app did take in some new registrations, however soon it popped up a “Failed to Authorize” message. The company has not yet officially revealed that it has run out of tokens, so we are not 100 percent sure whether this is the case.

If this turns out to be a token issue, this will be the second such causality in Twitter’s war against developers.

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