Trump Supporters: Over 1400 Iraqi Nationals Detained

Over 1,400 Iraqi nationals had their deportations halted, all of whom could have faced death, persecution or torture if brought back. The decision was made by US District Judge Mark Goldsmith, who issued a stay of removal last Monday night. It applies to a ton of people who risked facing deportation, including 85 illegal citizens who were supposed to be sent back to Baghdad.

President Donald Trump had promised to deport any illegal aliens in America, which garnered a ton of Trump supporters. According to the Washington Post, the Trump Administration had also made a deal with the Iraqi government to return any of their citizens. The deal was done so that Iraq would be removed from the overly hyped travel ban, that ended up not coming into fruition.

Seems like their deal is facing a problem, now that the US District Judge has issued a stay of removal for the citizens. This might be the result of the various protests from the Iraqi immigrant communities and Detroit’s large Chaldean Christian population. All of them had protested against the seemingly unjust arrest of Iraqi citizens by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Now that the stay of removal has been granted by Goldsmith, Iraqi immigrants have two weeks to file requests and reopen their immigration cases. It’s a move that won’t please any Trump supporters, though they will probably be relieved if some of the immigrants don’t get to fix their cases.

The American Civil Liberties Union said it had requested the court’s action on behalf of “all Iraqi nationals in the United States with final orders of removal, who have been, or will be, arrested and detained by ICE as a result of Iraq’s recent decision to issue travel documents to facilitate U.S. removal.” The ACLU are now looking for lawyers who can take up the case for these citizens.

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