Trump Agrees Russia Might Have Influenced US Presidential Election

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US President-Elect Donald Trump finally accepted that Russia did play a role in the 2016 US Elections. Trump agreed at a recent press conference that Russia had ordered the hacking of Democratic Party. He also stated that there were countries other than Russia such as China, Japan and Mexico, who had targeted US through cyber attacks on earlier occasions.

Trump’s press conference came on the heels of an assessment released by US intelligence agencies. According to the assessment, Russia played a role during this year’s presidential elections. FBI Director James Comey even said that Russian techies hacked into accounts belonging to the Republican National Committee. However, there is no evidence that can prove that they also hacked into Trump’s campaign.

An article in Reuters adds that the assessment clearly revealed that President Vladimir Putin had ordered the cyber attacks. According to the report, he did this to discredit Hillary Clinton and to increase Donald Trump’s chances of winning the elections. The publication dubs the assessment as “US government’s starkest public description” of Russian effort to manipulate the American elections.

An article in Daily Mail states that despite the evidence, Trump believes that Putin’s support is an asset. He made the revelation on being questioned about Russia’s hack and leak strategy. He also added that while hacking is illegal, Clinton’s leaked emails revealed a lot including her receiving the debate questions beforehand.

Russia is not the only one attacking US

Trump continued that Russia is not the only country attacking US, states an article in Business Insider. “I think it was Russia, but I think we also get hacked by other countries, and other people,” Making a reference to China’s 2015 breach of the Office of Personnel Management, he said that China hacked into 22 million accounts last year. He added that this kind of hacking happened because of lack of cyber defense strategies. However, he promised to put an end to the attacks and hacking after he moved into the White House.

An article in CNN adds that the President-Elect told those present that he (President Putin) should not be doing it and won’t be doing it. “Russia will have much greater respect for our country when I am leading it than when other people have led it.”

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