Tony Abbott Voted Out: Speaks His Final Words as PM

Tony Abbott, the 28th Prime Minister of Australia, was defeated by Malcolm Turnbull in a dramatic party room vote yesterday. Malcolm Turnbull beat Abbott by 54-44, ousting him to become the new Prime Minister of Australia.

Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott

The Outgoing Prime Minister broke silence on the incident, delivering his final speech as PM today, after more than 12 hours of his toppling. Tony Abbott highlighted that he was proud of his achievements. “300,000 more people are in jobs. Labor’s bad taxes are gone. We have signed Free Trade Agreements with our largest trading partners — with Japan, with Korea, and with China,” he said. He also aimed a few comments at the media saying, “If there’s one piece of advice I can give to the media, it’s this: refuse to print self-serving claims that the person making them won’t put his or her name to. Refuse to connive at dishonor by acting as the assassin’s knife.”

Malcolm Turnbull, the new PM, worked earlier as a lawyer and an investment banker. He served as the Communications Minister under Abbott before resigning to launch the leadership challenge. The 60-year old had lost to Abbott by one vote in a leadership challenge earlier. He held conflicted views in many issues with Abbott, notably in the recent same sex marriage topics.

The Prime Minister-ship of Tony Abbott is one of the shortest in the Australian History. His leadership of seven months was challenged twice. The net satisfaction of Abbott’s Government declined steadily immediately after his assumption of office, with no major recovery, with his personal captaining style being a constant topic of discontent, both outside and inside the Party. Also, reversals of unpopular policies also damaged his credibility.

The Speech of Tony Abbott was followed by a Tweet where he thanked all for his privilege of being Prime Minister.

Photosource: Tony Abbott/Twitter 

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