Today’s Mortgage Rates Summary at Capital One Financial Corp – August 12, 2014

Today's Mortgage Rates Summary at Capital One Financial Corp - August 12, 2014On August 12, 2014, one of the largest mortgager providers in the country, Capital One Financial Corp (NYSE:COF) decided to make no major changes in its benchmark (30 year) fixed home mortgage options. There were certain noticeable changes in the APR but it won’t have any major effect on the sale of these mortgage options. The potential home mortgage buyers who were looking to get a long term loan for financing their house, might not find the rates to be as lucrative as they would’ve thought them to be.

On Tuesday, the standard 30 year home mortgage interest rates at Capital One Financial Corp were listed at 4.125% and an annual percentage rate of 4.164%. The APR was 4.153% yesterday and it did increase a little bit today. As far as the short term 15 year fixed home mortgage schemes are concerned, they were being offered at an interest rate of 3.375% in addition to an annual percentage rate of 3.442%. The APR on the 15 year home mortgage schemes too increased a little bit, however it had no major effect on the mortgage scheme’s sale.

People looking to finance their expensive home purchase projects, can opt for exclusive home mortgage plans known as Jumbo schemes which are available in both 30 and 15 year variants. The 30 year jumbo home mortgage options stood at an interest rate of 4.375% on Tuesday and they did yield an APR of 4.389%. The 15 year Jumbo home mortgage schemes were being quoted at an interest rate of 3.875% today with an annual percentage rate of 3.899%.

Probable home mortgage buyers, who are in search of safe and adjustable mortgage schemes, can opt for 5 year adjustable rate mortgage plans at 3.000% interest rate along with an adjustable percentage rate of 2.862%. The long term 7 year ARMs stood at an interest rate of 3.125% on Tuesday and they did yield an APR of 2.958%.

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