Today’s Home mortgage rates at JP Morgan Chase Bank – Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Today's Home mortgage rates at JP Morgan Chase Bank - Tuesday, August 26, 2014JP Morgan Chase Bank (NYSE: JPM) is a reliable institution in the United States of America that offers some economical home mortgage schemes to the customers who are looking to build their own house. The bank does offer benchmark schemes at lucrative rates and this is why more and more clients choose them for financing their dream house. However, on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 the bank didn’t chose to make any major changes in its benchmark home mortgage schemes which is why the probable home loan investors might get a bit disappointed.

At JP Morgan Chase Bank, the standard 30 year fixed rate mortgage loans were listed at 4.250% interest rate on August 26, 2014. These schemes did yield an APR of 4.345% which is also more or less same as it was yesterday. The short term popular fixed rate schemes for 15 years stood at 3.500% rate of interest yielding an annual percentage rate of 3.646%.

The bank even deals in adjustable rate mortgage schemes which are more flexible plans meant for secured investors who are not willing to take much risk. The 5 year ARMs start at 3.750% interest rate at Chase Bank along with an annual percentage rate of 3.179%. The 7 year variant of the adjustable rate mortgage schemes stood at 3.625% rate of interest and an annual percentage rate of 3.246% which is affordable by all means.

The benchmark 30 year refinance fixed rate mortgage schemes are being provided for 4.125% interest rate at Chase bank and an APR of 4.240%. On August 26, 2014, the short term 15 year refinance fixed rate mortgage schemes were published at 3.375% along with an annual percentage rate of 3.538%. The ARM schemes in the 5 year category of refinance were listed at 3.125% rate of interest and APR of 2.968%. The longer 7 year variants in the ARM refinance category start at 3.375% interest rate along with a starting APR of 3.118%.

Fraudsters from unknown locations are precisely targeting JP Morgan Chase bank customers in a huge email phishing campaign which gathers all the personal credentials and bank details to steal from various institutions. The JP Morgan bank is the number 1 in the United States of America by assets, is willing to go the extra mile to search for the real force behind this scam. Several teams have also been appointed to do thorough investigation regarding the matter.

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