Today’s Capital One Mortgage Rates Remain Steady (August 4, 2014)

Today's Capital One Mortgage Rates Remain Steady (August 4, 2014)On August 4, 2014, Capital One, which is one of the biggest online lenders in terms of deposits in the country, chose to keep its benchmark, 30 year, fixed mortgage rates, unchanged. There were no positive or negative changes in the interest rates that might influence the decision of the home loan buyers as far as choosing Capital One for taking up a mortgage scheme is concerned.

As on August 4, 2014, the potential home loan buyers could opt for the benchmark 30 year fixed rate scheme by Capital One Financial (NYSE:COF) at 4.125% along with an APR of 4.195%. Like the interest rate, the annual percentage rate too was unchanged, which came in as no surprise. The short term mortgage loans might prove to be an alluring option for the home loan buyers due to the less expensive rates. The 15 year fixed rate mortgages by Capital One are being offered at 3.375% along with an annual percentage rate of 3.479%.

Expensive home purchase deals can be really expensive for a potential investor and so Capital One Financial offers the Jumbo mortgage options at attractive rates for fulfilling the needs of such investors. As of now, the 30 year jumbo mortgage schemes offered by Capital One stand at 4.500% in addition to an APR of 4.514%. The shorter 15 year version of the Jumbo mortgage loans are available at 3.875% and they yield an APR of 3.917%. No major changes were experienced in the rates of jumbo mortgage schemes too.

Capital One Financial even offers more secured home mortgage schemes in the form of 5 year ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) options that come at an impressive rate of 3.125% along with an APR of 2.988%. In the 7 year Adjustable Rate Mortgage options, the interest rates have been quoted at 3.250% which does carry an annual percentage rate of 3.074%.

Capital One Financial (NYSE:COF) has announced an impressive quarterly dividend of 0.30$/share which is payable on August 21, 2014 to the stockholders. The bank has been announcing dividends on its common and popular stocks every single quarter since the time it became an independent entity in the year 1995. All the dividends declared by the bank are lawfully eligible for direct reinvestment in the firm’s common stock under the Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment plan. It actually remains to be seen what sort of an effect the announcement of dividends will have on the bank’s performance in the upcoming days.

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