Tips from NASA on how to photograph the Super Blood Moon

The #SuperBloodMoon 2015 Event is a Rare one, says NASA.
The Super Blood Moon 2015 Event is a Rare one, says NASA.

The #SuperBloodMoon 2015 Event is a Rare one, says NASA.

The Super Blood Moon and the Lunar Eclipse are set to occur at the same time, a rare exciting celestial event for sky watchers. Last observed in 1982, the rare combo will not take place until again in 2033. NASA has invited everyone to send in their best snaps of the #SuperBloodMoon, with the best announced for publication by NASA.

Bill Ingalls, the senior photographer from NASA, has shared a few tips for snapping the rare moments like a pro. He advises that the moon should never be clicked on itself, but always with a landmark or a nearby object for a reference to stand out.

Including family and friends is a great idea too, he says. You can click pics of your dad holding the rust colored disc or your kids swallowing the eclipse. The right angles and locations can mean a lot – get permission from apartment dwellers you know for the highest point in the city or travel outside city limits for pure darkness. Bill also encourages photographers to experiment with their gadgets, playing around with different exposures or using shots like panorama.

Twitter users can use #askNASA to discuss the event or to ask questions about the eclipse which will be answered by Mitzi Adams, a NASA Solar Physicist.

Rare events as these do not come without controversies too – conspiracy theorists and doomsday prophets have claimed that the eclipse is a sign of the end of world. Unlike the solar events, the #SuperBloodMoon event is totally safe to be viewed on and needs no special setups or equipments.

NASA is streaming the event Live here. NASA has prepared its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) ahead of the event that will last for an hour and 11 minutes, as the blotting out can reveal more secrets about the moon’s surface and eclipses.

Photosource: BloodMoon 2015/WikiMedia

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