Time Warner Cable Supplies Customers with Rabbit Ears “TV antennas” during CBS Blackout

Time Warner Cable Supplies Customers with TV antennas during CBS BlackoutTime Warner Cable announced it would distribute free indoor TV antennas for its over 3 million customers still affected by the continued black surrounding the dispute with CBS.

As the battle wages on between Time Warner Cable and CBS, over 3 million customers in the affected areas are still without cable during the blackout caused by the business dispute. The two television powerhouses are battling over renewal contract terms in a dispute that began August 2nd, leaving millions of frustrated viewers spanning several major US cities in the entertainment dark.

In a public display of genuine concern for its consumers, Time Warner Cable has begun distributing vouchers for indoor TV antennas viewers in the affect programming areas can to receive for free. Limited programming will be available using the rabbit ears technology that dates back to 1950.

Registered customers currently with Time Warner can use the $20 voucher at local Best Buys stores to pick up a free pair in hopes of easing the tension while the cable dispute continues indefinitely. Customers using the rabbit ears will be able to view several channels including Starz Kids and The Family Channel. The company also plans to offer the Tennis channel for free as the US open begins August 26, 2013.

The blackout is part of a heated battle between the two companies that began August 2, 2013 when Time Warner Cable dropped CBS programming after failing to reach a new agreement. Affected areas include New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and several other areas within Time Warner Cables services.

Both companies have however agreed to temporarily lift the ban for this upcoming Thursday mayor debates in New York City which begin at 7pm Eastern time. Other cities in the blackout areas will remain under the affect. The live comptroller debates will be open to watch on channels 2 and 702 for New York residents.

The announcement of free indoor antennas is another in the line of actions by Time Warner Cable to ease frustrations among its customers during the blackout. After Time Warner Cable announced to its viewers that customers could still find favorite episodes of such hits shows as Dexter online by surfing the net, CBS blocked its websites from site of all the cable operators’ internet subscribers.

Time Warner Cable included advice for its consumers stating that the programming was still available by surfing the internet through mobile phone devices internet browsers. The company has also directed its customers to such websites as iTunes, Amazon.com, and Netflix for alterative ways of watching favorite shows currently blocked until which time both businesses can reach an agreement.

CBS issued the ban after its purposed terms for the new contract were denied and the contract terminated, stating in several releases that it has to the right to compensation for its programming. The new terms included another increase in pricing which would affectively increase monthly contract costs to Time Warner consumers.

Time Warner defends its position in the battle stating that though it desires to have programming returned to the blacked out areas as quickly as possible, it has a duty to its consumers to assist in keeping the rising costs of cable from an out of control upward spiral.

CBS has issued statements that they are surprised by Time Warner Cable’s lack of urgency to resolve the matter and commented on the unusual counter-offer terms it has purposed. TWC is urging its viewers to stick with them while they attempt to fight back against rising costs in cable pricing that would result from the current contract terms CBS is requesting.

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