Thomas Cook To Rescue Tourists From Gambia Amid State Of Emergency

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/ITV News | Thomas Cook to bring stranded tourists in Gambia home. Photo Credit: Twitter/ITV News

The holiday company, Thomas Cook, will send home thousands of its clients who went to Gambia for a vacation.  The passengers were stranded in Gambia due to the political anarchy happening in West Africa as of the moment.  The Foreign Office, or FCO, pleaded with Britons to avoid any unnecessary travelling to this destination.

Gambia, one of the smallest country in mainland Africa, has declared a 90-day state of emergency.  This declaration will possibly involve military force and civil disturbance.  Thomas Cook tweeted that they have cancelled all their flights going to Gambia until January 20 due to FCO advice.

The state of emergency in Gambia exists because President Yahya Jammeh will not hand down the power over to the new president.  This is after Jammeh lost in the elections.  On Tuesday, he banned all acts of defiance and forced security enforcement to maintain order, report the Daily Mail.

Thomas Cook flight details

Thomas Cook will operate a program of additional flight to Banjul airport in 48 hours to bring back the 985 UK holidaymakers in Gambia, reports ITV.  They will also include additional flights on Wednesday, January 18.  Further, Thomas Cook added that they have 2,500 flights-only customers in Gambia that they are trying to reach.  This is to give them the earliest flight possible out of the country and return to the UK safely.

Aside from the vacationers, Gambians are also trying to flee the country.  They tried to reach the Senegal border these last few days for fear of a civil unrest.  The state television has reported that the country’s National Assembly adopted a resolution allowing President Jammeh to remain in power for three months.  A group of African nations, however, vowed to take military actions if President Jammeh does not relinquish his rule over Gambia to his successor, Adama Barrow, later this week.

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