This Photo Is Why Victoria’s Secret May Lose Customers

Last September 2015, Victoria’s Secret uploaded a photo onto its Facebook page that’s irked thousands of netizens. Not new to poorly photoshopped photos, the photo in question is the latest to hop onto the bandwagon of poorly edited work.


Photo courtesy of Facebook

Showing off the company’s latest product, the mesh-back cheeky panty, the model’s left bottom cheek and right arm have been so horribly photoshopped that one wonders how it was approved and uploaded onto their page.

One user commented, “Her left butt cheek is missing and a chunk out of her right arm.” While another said, “Before people get butt hurt (no pun intended), It’s not necessarily a matter of “oh my god, she’s so thin look at her butt!” It’s a matter of “oh my god, look at the God awful photo shop that took literally everything good away from the shot.”

Known for their tall and slim supermodels, Victoria’s Secret is already under threat as its niche market of slim customers and series of photoshop fails have led consumers to become wary of the brand and to, instead, flock to brands like Aerie.

In 2014, the American Eagle undergarment line launched a campaign entitled, “Aerie Real” which featured lingerie models sans photoshop. The campaign was launched in an effort to promote more realistic beauty standards for its customers.

The results? In the last quarter of 2014, sales have jumped up by 9%. While by the second quarter of 2015, the number has soared up to 18%. Meanwhile, “Sales at Victoria’s Secret’s have not decreased, but same-store sales increased by just 3% in the second quarter.”

According to Jeetendr Sedhev, a brand expert and marketing professor from the University of Southern California, with regards to Victoria’s Secret, “We have seen the backlash — those perfect bodies are not even the bodies of the Angels and people know that now … people are fully aware, consciously or subconsciously, whether they are looking at a Photoshopped image.”

This in turn leads consumers to become wary of a brand and to flocking to other lines instead – a phenomenon that is clearly being demonstrated with Victoria’s Secret and Aerie.

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